Infant feeding

As both parents & therapists, we too experienced the stress that comes with feeding our babies and recognized the need for a whole-body, collaborative approach. Whether you have a challenge, or just want to ensure you & your child are off to the best start with feeding, we have a service just for you.

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Find Support in whatever method you choose

Don't let the stress of uncertainty take the FUN out of feeding your baby! We offer professional guidance through baby's first year and beyond.

With 10 years of experience as an occupational therapist and mama to 3 little girls and a boy on the way, Cassie can support and guide you through feeding with confidence. 


bottle feeding

combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding

tongue, lip, and/or cheek ties

transitioning to solid food

transition from bottle to cup

Our infant feeding specialties

a collaborative and whole-body approach


Breastfeeding is a whole-body experience that takes coordination and strength of the head, neck, and tongue. We also collaborate closely with several local lactation consultants because we believe it takes a villages to help baby and mommy duos thrive. Find our local favorites here

Tethered Oral Tissues

When the mouth and tongue have restrictions and decreased mobility, this can result in feeding challenges including inefficient or weak latch, nipple pain for mother, poor weight gain, etc. Babies with tongue restriction also typically dislike tummy time. Read more about TOTs here

Texture Sensitivies

For various reasons, some babies or toddlers may struggle with introduction to solid food. We can help you decide which foods to offer and which foods to wait on, how to respond to baby's cues, and how to take some pressure off BOTH of you to make feeding enjoyable. 

Motor & Oral Motor Interventions

We teach the TummyTime! Method & other simple body & mouth exercises to help baby develop strength and coordination of their entire body including neck, face, mouth, and tongue. Let us show you how to easily implement these into the flow of your day. 

Bottle Transition & Food Progression

Is my baby ready for solid food? What cup should I offer my baby and when? What if my baby gags or chokes? Whether 1:1 or in a group with other babies and mamas, we will answer all of these questions & more! Feeding your baby should be FUN! Sign up here for Making Sense of Solids!

Nurturing the Caregiver-Child Relationship

We strive to offer you peace of mind in your daily routines with your family. We believe that the success of any intervention lies in the connection between parents & their babies. Our goal is to foster those connections to help your family enjoy these everyday moments. 

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