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Therapy Services

We provide in-home physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. You can expect to be an active part of your child's therapy, working on meaningful goals woven into your family's daily routines. We work collaboratively with other disciplines and providers to create a plan of care that fully addresses your child's needs as a whole person.

Payment options

We are in network with BCBS, Bluecare/Tenncare Select, and Amerigroup. We have a state contract to provide TEIS services. TEIS is our state's early intervention program for kids 0-5yo. Find out more at We can also check your out-of-network benefits and submit claims to all insurance carriers for you. We can accept HSA cards and Katie Beckett waiver funds in addition to cash pay. The Katie Beckett waiver is a state program which provides additional funds to be used towards medical expenses for those who do not qualify for TennCare. Find out more at

Playing with Rings

Occupational therapy

A child's occupation is to grow, learn, do schoolwork, and most importantly, PLAY. Occupational therapy improves challenging daily activities by addressing sensory, social, behavioral, motor, and environmental issues. We focus most on the activities that are rewarding and motivating to the child and their family.

We have experience with a wide range of ages, diagnoses, and delays including:

> tongue & lip ties

> genetic syndromes

> early intervention, age birth - 3yr

> sensory & oral motor feeding difficulties

> developmental and/or fine motor delays

physical therapy

Children move to learn, and as movement experts, physical therapy focuses on developing functional skills to improve mobility. This can include: balance, coordination, strength, posture, equipment & orthotic recommendations, stairs, walking, etc.  Our goal is to maximize your child's level of independence.

We have experience with a wide range of ages, diagnoses, and delays including:

> genetic syndromes

> torticollis and plagiocephaly 

> early intervention, age birth - 3yr

> toe-walking & other gait abnormalities
> developmental and/or gross motor delays

> neurologic and/or neuromuscular disorders

Why Villages

Our family centered model means you will have an active role in all therapy sessions, goal setting, and most importantly you will be empowered as you learn to use strategies everyday that help your child progress.

The natural environment is where your child typically spends their time; where they live, learn, and play. In this environment, we are better able to assess their strengths and use tools already available to you and your family to address their challenges in a realistic and personalized plan.

Routines based interventions are developmental interventions embedded into your regular daily routines & activities such as play & caregiving. This allows for the skills & goals to become meaningful, functional, predictable, occurring numerous times a day, and specific to your child's needs. 

Your lead therapist will be the primary therapist that will see you most frequently depending on your most important and meaningful goals. Other disciplines are always available to consult & collaborate as needed and as your child progresses. This reduces the overwhelming number of appointments, allows for you to build a trusting relationship with your therapist, but also maintains a global & multi-disciplinary approach.

Build a community of support by creating relationships with your Villages therapist who is there to support you on your family's journey.

Be empowered as you learn to read your child's cues and know when and how to react, assist, or intervene.

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