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Building Community.

Empowering Families.

Villages offers playgroups, private consultations, infant feeding support, pediatric physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy, and pediatric speech therapy services. We want to bridge the gap between all the questions parents have and the "wait and see" advice they typically receive. Parents deserve to confidently support their child's development at any stage.

Our Services



Confused by outside information or just unsure about developmental milestones? Looking for enriching activities for you and your kiddo? We offer parent & me style playgroups for kids of all ages, beginning with newborns! We also partner with others in our community to bring a variety of classes and groups - find it all here!


Infant Feeding


Considered a specialty niche of Villages, let us help make feeding fun - not overwhelming.  We host a free feeding support group, offer private consultations, and we created an online course and community to make sense of introducing solid foods.


Therapy Services

A better answer for your therapy needs. Villages provides in-home, community, or virtual, family centered, goal driven, and evidence based services. We offer pediatric occupational, pediatric physical therapy, and pediatric speech therapy tailored to your concerns.


We believe in wellness,
prevention, and early detection

Owned and operated by

Cassie Kleinfelder and Bethaney Nielsen

We've been in your shoes.​

Let us guide you through the information overload.

We are not only parents, but together have 15 years of combined clinical experience as a pediatric occupational therapist and a pediatric physical therapist.

Why Villages

Understand how to observe and recognize what your child is working on in terms of movement, fine motor skills, cognition, and other areas of childhood development.

Learn strategies to set up and prepare your child's environment for purposeful play for general wellness or therapeutic goals.

Gain confidence through a better understanding of each developmental milestone and skill your child is working on mastering.

Bond with your child and use activities that you and your entire family can enjoy with your child.

Build a community of support by creating relationships with other moms and families during group classes, or with your Villages therapist who is there to support you on your family's journey.

Be empowered as you learn to read your child's cues and know when and how to react, assist, or intervene.

“I 10/10 recommend tummy time with Cassie! My little one disliked tummy so much and would cry as soon as I laid her down. She also wasn't interested in rolling over at all. Cassie teaches that it's not about how long they stay in tummy time, but how many rolls in and out of it they get. Now after 4 classes, my little one loves tummy time and rolling over! We are so excited for the next class.”

- Kristyn c.

“I had a great experience and would highly recommend them! My virtual experience was super convenient and even more helpful. My little one wasn’t having any major issues but I really wanted to learn how to better help him master the skills he had been working on. Bethaney did just that. Looking forward to booking another session as my munchkin continues progressing.”

- Ashley C.

“Tummy time with Cassie has helped my daughter so much! It also taught me so much about activities  techniques that make tummy time fun and easy. My daughter had torticollis and head shaping on her preferred side and after working with Cassie she is doing wonderful! Tummy time is a fun & engaging activity for both of us now. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about tummy time activities, how to make it enjoyable for your little, and become more confident as a parent!.”

- Hillary A.

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