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As parents, we experience worries & questions, but few resources are available that are clear, reliable, and personalized. Villages brings you clarity and confidence in supporting your children's development.

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Wellness Group Classes

Mommy and me style classes including:

> infant massage

> pre/post frenectomy 

> TummyTime!™ Method

> developmental play skills for infants from birth to walking

Each class welcomes up to 4-8 adult + child participants depending on class and location. This allows for the class to be an intimate & personalized bonding experience while creating connections with other families.

We know babies' schedules are constantly changing, and we welcome feeding, napping, and soothing at anytime during classes. These classes are just as much for the parent as they are for the child, and even a baby doll can be used for hands on learning!

Private wellness sessions

Meant to bridge the gap between parents' general questions & concerns, and the usual 'wait & see' advice they receive.


Focused on teaching age appropriate play, movement, and activities to connect with your child and to ensure their development is on track.

Informational one-on-one parent coaching.

Doesn't constitute therapy or replace the need for in-depth evaluation & assessments, goal driven services, and/or medical advice & treatment.

These services are currently occurring virtually and we will resume in-home sessions when we feel it is safe for everyone.


Understand how to observe and recognize the milestones your child is working on, from newborn to school-aged.


Learn strategies to set up and prepare your child's environment for purposeful play according to their specific interests, needs, and skill level.


Gain confidence in how things are going with your child's development.


Bond with your child and use activities that you and your entire family can enjoy together.


Build a community of support by creating relationships with other moms and families during group classes, or with your Villages therapist who is there to support you on your family's journey.


Be empowered as you learn to read your child's cues and know when and how to react, assist, or intervene.

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