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Peace of Mind sessions

Wellness sessions are peace of mind one-on-one sessions for you. They are for ‘asymptomatic’ children to discuss age appropriate skills and activities and how to facilitate developmental milestones through purposeful play. We will provide coaching and consulting with the family members and/or caregivers and include a follow-up email with details discussed during the session.

Wellness sessions are NOT a formal standardized test or detailed evaluation of developmental skills. They are not reimbursable or covered through insurance, and all payment is due in full prior to the date of service. Wellness sessions should not replace a therapeutic assessment or ongoing consistent therapy working towards set goals.

The cost of wellness sessions are $100 and includes up to an hour one-on-one consultation with you and/or any family members/caregivers, and a detailed follow-up email with the purposeful-play activities discussed and any future recommendations, activity progressions, or milestones to keep in mind.

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